Coos Bay - Senior Center 6-14-2020

886 S 4th Street ,Coos Bay 

Tuesday Noon- Open

Thursday Noon -Open

Friday Big Book 5:30 - Open

* Zoom Meeting continues 

Friday Big Book Study, Coos Bay 

Code:  859-2137-8825

Friday Men's Meeting 7pm - Open

* Zoom Meeting closed

Sanitizing , distancing and masking, as requested by the Senior Center. Bring your own Coffee


Hauser Community Church

69411 Wildwood Road

Tuesdays, 5:30 - Open

South Coast Alano Club 6-14-2020

 1837 Union Street, North Bend 

Monday, 8pm - Open

Tuesday, Noon and 8pm - Open

Wednesday,  8pm  - Open

Thursday, Noon and - 8pm Open 

Friday, Noon and - 8pm - Open

Saturday , Noon and 8pm - Open 

Florence Beacon of Hope 

88896 Highway 101, Florence 

Monday through Sunday 6pm - Open

Scottsburg Communitty Church

170 Main Street

Thursday, 7pm 

Winchester Bay

635 Broadway 

Sunday, 8pm 

ONLINE Zoom Meeting Guide

Due  to COVID-19, 

We all need contact and support for our wellness and our recovery. This is TEMPORARY!


6:30am,   Daily Sunrise Sobriety, Coos Bay   


Code 128-392-486

8:00am,   Saturday 8am, Sobriety Today   

Code 356-046-748


6:30pm  Wednesday , B.Y.O.B. 12x12 Book Study, Women ONLY

 Code 783-088-4529        

 5:30pm  Friday Big Book Study, Coos Bay 

Code:  859-2137-8825

7:00pm  Monday, Sober on Campus, Coos Bay         

Code  213-926-369


12:00 pm, 7 Days a Week

Code  451-738-582    Password: brwnbg


FLORENCE Rebellion Dogs

6:00 pm, Daily 

Code  911-599-293     Password: rebdogs

FLORENCE Speaker Meeting,Cory B, 5-2-2020

8:00 pm, Saturday May 2, 2020

Code  911-599-293  Password: rebdogs