Due to COVID-19, All AA meetings in District 8 are CLOSED


ONLINE Zoom Meeting Guide

Due  to COVID-19, All AA meetings in District 8 are closed

We all need contact and support for our wellness and our recovery. This is TEMPORARY!

Daily 6pm and 8pm are scheduled to be changed to ALL 7pm following Group Conscience

meeting 4-11-2020

6:30am,   Daily Sunrise Sobriety, Coos Bay   


Code 128-392-486

8:00am,   Saturday 8am, Sobriety Today   

Code 356-046-748


6:30pm  Wednesday , B.Y.O.B. 12x12 Book Study, Women ONLY

 Code 783-088-4529        


7:00pm,  Nightly Coos Bay, North Bend                         

Code  373-901-742

For those who are unable to join Zoom meetings via internet computer or smart phone app...

...you can also call in from any telephone...

Zoom Phone Numbers: 346-248-7799 or 720-707-2699 or

312-626-6799 or 646-558-8656 or 253-215-8782


...enter the AA 7pm Meeting ID:


...then press #

...then press # again (instead of entering a participant ID)

... that's all, and you will join as a caller.

5:30pm  Friday Big Book Study, Coos Bay 

Code:  859-2137-8825

7:00pm  Monday, Sober on Campus, Coos Bay         

Code  213-926-369

7:00pm,   Friday Night Men's (closed) Group Coos Bay 

 Code  658-308-993


12:00 pm, 7 Days a Week

Code  451-738-582    Password: brwnbg

FLORENCE Twisted Sisters , Women only

12:00 pm, FRIDAY ONLY

PHONE ONLY: 667-776-9356

FLORENCE Rebellion Dogs

6:00 pm, Daily 

Code  911-599-293     Password: rebdogs

FLORENCE Sober On The Coast

7:00 pm, Thursday and Saturday 

Code  871-967-591

FLORENCE Speaker Meeting,Cory B, 5-2-2020

8:00 pm, Saturday May 2, 2020

Code  911-599-293  Password: rebdogs