Open Service Positions

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If you are interested in serving in any of the following positions in District 8 please come to our next District Business Meeting.  Our District Business Meetings are held on the Second Monday of each month April through October at 6:00 PM at Bay Area First Step at 1741 Newmark Ave., Coos Bay, OR November to March, 6:30 PM at Presbyterian Church, 2360 Longwood Drive Reedsport .


  • Cooperation with Treatment Facilities Chair:  

  • Cooperation with the Professional Community Chair:  Russel - Chair

  • Public Information Chair:  Russel - Chair

  • Special Needs and Accessibilities   Pat - Chair

  • Committee members for the above committees as well as

    • Archives Committee with Victoria - Chair

    • Phones Committee with Sharrie - Chair

    • Hospitals and Institutions Committee with -  Position Open

    • Schedules/Website Committee with Cindee S - Chair


We also need those who would like to help with the The Holiday Get-together Meeting.  If you are interested in helping come to our next District Business Meeting!  We are looking forward to serving with you.