6:30 am       COOS BAY                  Sunrise Sobriety Book Study at Bay Area First Step West 1741 Newmark Ave., Open Meeting


10:00 am       FLORENCE               AA Serenity at Laurelwood Center at 1137 Maple St., Closed Meeting


10:30 am       CHARLESTON          As Bill Sees It at Power Squadron Bldg.  Guano Rock Blvd.  Open Meeting

12 Noon         FLORENCE               Brown Baggers, Beacon of Hope Alano Club, 88896 Hwy 101 Open Meeting

12 Noon        NORTH BEND            Experience, Strength and Hope at South Coast Alano Club 1836 Union Street Open Meeting


4:00 pm        COOS BAY                  Sober on Sunday at the Coos Bay Senior Center at 4th and Ingersoll Open Meeting


5:30 pm        MAPLETON               Men's Stag at the Lion's Club on Riverside Drive (Red building)  Closed, Men's Meeting


5:30 pm        FLORENCE                Uptown Group at New Life Lutheran Church, 21st& Spruce St., Open Meeting


6:00 pm        FLORENCE                Discussion Mtg.,  Beacon of Hope Alano Club, 88896 Hwy 101 Open Meeting 

8:00 pm        WINCHESTER BAY  Windy Bay AA at 635 Broadway Open Meeting


8:00 pm        NORTH BEND            Sunday Serenity Meeting at  South Coast Alano Club 1836 Union Street, Open Meeting